5 actions against the ostrich policy

ostrich policy

As a consultant I’m frequently confronted to prospects who consider security as a constraint to the dynamics of business and an unnecessary cost. “Where is the problem?” do they say. It doesn’t help me a lot… and they stay unsecured.

It’s mainly the case with Small and Medium Enterprises and the medical sector. When they will be victims – if they survive – they’ll complain and continue to ask themselves if it is really a need to act.

They remain unconscious, unconcerned and ignorant. When they receive the message, they neglect to take it into consideration. I can’t do anything but relaying and explaining the attacks and warn.

If you do research about personal development you’ll rapidly understand that you are the sole responsible of the actions you take to achieve your objectives. You have to master your comfort zone.

Acting on what?

Let me come back on my definition of security:

The feeling to be safe from danger.

We feel this danger in the surrounding insecurity.

The bigger this insecurity the narrower our comfort zone and control zone are. They are intimately related.

The comfort zone

it is the zone where we feel safe and well. Where we see things from a positive perspective, far from the edge of the cliff where we suffer from vertigo.

But did we correctly evaluate the potential dangers of our refuge? Aren’t we exposed to other threats: insects, scorpions, birds of prey? If we shelter under another cliff, to protect our rear, did we take into account the possible falling stones?

In our modern world, we do not exist if we aren’t ‘connected’ through the Internet. We are nobody if we have no interaction we the others. The dangers from nature cited above are only symbols of the surrounding dangers: viruses, crooks, pirates, criminals of all kinds, accidents and disasters.

Let’s stay clear-sighted: our insecurity is strong and our information is gold nuggets the others are coveting to control us – let’s remain optimistic!

This information, you knew it already, is immaterial. It isn’t easy managing it, identifying the threats and protecting us to reassure ourselves.

Is it a reason to say that the danger doesn’t exist?

The control zone

This zone includes the comfort zone and grows around it. It gives us the power to act on our environment.

We know there are things out we can’t control. We however can prepare ourselves to their occurrence.

There are things we can influence through our commitment, our actions, our words. It is the very reason of this blog.

There are, finally, things on which we can act: through prevention, deterrence, detection, and preparing our reaction.

All the tricks and solutions you’ll find out – I give you their principles and objectives, and let you to decide how to implement them – widen your control zone. They strengthen your comfort zone.

And the dynamics?

Sadly this way of doing – sometimes considered as fearful more than prudent – is blocking us.

We have to test and go beyond our limits.

We need some degree of adrenalin to put ‘bubbles’ in our life – be it personal or professional.

Taking risk is part of our daily life. We ‘re doing it each time we drive our car or when we invest or money.

However taking risks shouldn’t be done thoughtless.

5 things to do immediately

1) Identify the information you need and give it the value it’s worth.

2) Manage this information according to its value: how do you acquire it, how do you transport and communicate it, how do you store it, how do you exchange it, how do you forget it?

3) Identify the handling you perform on the information: from its very source to its final addressee.

4) Attribute a value to this handling and manage it accordingly. A precise description will be necessary to identify the weaknesses.

5) Manage the risks coming from the weaknesses: identification, analysis, evaluation and treatment.

It isn’t more complicated than that. You’ll know where you are and can be reassured…

… much more than by digging you head in the sand as the ostriches.


Are you eventually deciding the act without waiting a catastrophe?

See you soon, mere secure with your information


© Andreykuzmin | Dreamstime.com – Scared Ostrich Burying Head In Sand Near Blank Photo

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